Contechs’ offers a full service in the design and engineering of vehicle prototypes.


It is also experienced in ensuring parts from suppliers are manufactured to OEM requirements, and meet the required performance, size, validation, homologation and quality requirements prior to release.

By providing this comprehensive service to its OEM clients, it can increase overall vehicle program efficiency in cost & time and ensure that ergonomic requirements are satisfied.

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Supported by preferred suppliers, Contechs is able to undertake prototype builds (virtual & physical).

These typically include show cars, environmental models, functional models and methods build.

Contechs enables the successful integration of suppliers into the OEM environment, representing the client in ensuring the supplier meets all the OEM and program requirements for component packaging, specification and releasing. Contechs engineers will also represent the supplier at the OEMs location.

With large numbers of smaller component suppliers looking to feed into the UK vehicle manufacturing supply chain, Contechs is able to provide a valuable service in supporting both their business ambitions and the quality and efficiency requirements of its OEM clients.

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Contechs provides a managed DMDVA (dimensional management and dimensional variation analysis) service to improve design quality and reduce manufacturing costs through managing and controlling tolerances / variation.

DMDVA ensures that any variation in the tolerances and dimensions of individual components during the manufacturing process does not compromise the overall integrity of the vehicle design. Variation can occur both in manufacturing accuracy, and in the assembly process.

Contechs secures consistency by using laser scanning and statistical analysis to obtain precise dimensional data. It will work to eliminate as much of the variation as possible and design in quality features in the vehicle so that any variations that do occur are contained within areas that are not visible to the consumer.

The management and analysis tools can be deployed to monitor key areas of each vehicle program phase including pre-concept, concept, design, validation and launch.

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Working with preferred suppliers, Contechs takes care of specialist vehicle homologation programmes, ensuring compliance with legal requirements prior to release and in accordance with OEM processes. This may also include issues such as cost, weight, timing and any approvals which need to be obtained.

Design Verification Processes (DVP) are applied to all areas, with Contechs’ engineers ensuring the monitoring, control and reporting of tests prior to release.

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Contechs has extensive experience of the requirements that OEM's place on suppliers in terms of component attributes, specification and price. It ensures parts perform to the required quality standards defined within DFMEA's and PFMEA's, producing inspection reports and overseeing any corrective measures.

Similarly it is able to provide suppliers with accurate briefs on what the OEM client requires and represent them in any subsequent discussions with the OEM.

Contechs is equipped to ensure that components meet the required quality, size and performance prior to being released for the OEM production process.

Contechs oversee the supplier’s parts manufacturing operations and monitor the fulfilment of PSW and PPAP issues to ensure parts are totally acceptable and with the correct material properties.