Leading design engineering and recruitment specialists, Contechs have generously donated 10 laptops to local charity, Warwickshire Young Carers.

The charity made an appeal to local business networking guru Jonathan Smith, who reached out to his members – with Contechs responding quickly.

Working with young carers from the age of six upwards, Warwickshire Young Carers help improve the lives of Young Carers across Coventry and Warwickshire by offering free and confidential support.

After recognising the excellent work that the local charity does to support young carers throughout Coventry and Warwickshire, Contechs didn’t hesitate to extend a helping hand and offer their support.

The donated devices will allow young carers supported by Warwickshire Young Carers without access to computing equipment at home to provide better access to the internet during lockdown as well as assisting them in their home learning whilst schools remain closed.

Matt Deakin from Warwickshire Young Carers receives laptops from Dan Moran, IT Manager, Contechs.

Contechs, which is one of the UK’s leading design engineering and recruitment firms specialising within the automotive sector, is a firm believer in nurturing young talent – a long-standing ethos they have abided by with their own apprentices – and ensuring young people are provided with the necessary tools to grow and develop.

This ethos is not isolated just to those within the company however. Managing Director Pete Jarvis is highly passionate about furthering the opportunities of children and young adults throughout Coventry and Warwickshire – demonstrated by his commitment and contributions to several children’s charities across the county.

Jonathan Smith, of Talk Business – who affiliate themselves with a number of charities across Coventry and Warwickshire – commented: “Life as a young carer during the pandemic has been trying and services such as those that Warwickshire Young Carers have been vital over lockdown.

“Thankfully, Contechs among several others within the Talk Business network promptly rallied following my call to arms and generously leant a helping hand. Their donation will go a long way in bettering the lives of young carers within the county and help them with their home learning which already must be a challenge due to their responsibilities.”

Unfortunately for a great number of young carers, the pandemic has meant vital support services have been less accessible – making it an isolating year for young carers and their families.

A survey conducted by Carers Trust found that 40 per cent of young carers aged between twelve to 17 claim claimed their mental health has deteriorated as a result of the pandemic and of those who took part, more than half said that their education has suffered since the UK first shut up shop last March.

The results pointed to a steep decline in the mental health and wellbeing of hundreds and thousands of young carers across the UK who provide unpaid at home care for family members or friends – making services provided by charities such as Warwickshire Young Carers all the more vital.

“The responsibility of being a young carer can be overwhelming and difficult at times – and the coronavirus pandemic would have only added to their already overflowing plate of pressures, Pete Jarvis Managing Director of Contechs said.

“With little opportunity to make contact with anyone outside of their household, caring from such a young age during this difficult times can be challenging – especially when they are forced to juggle home learning with their caring duties. So, after Jonathan notified us of the appeal for laptop donations, the decision to provide the unused laptops to young carers and their families to assist with their home schooling was a no brainer.

“It is our hope that these laptops donated to Warwickshire Young Carers will make the lives of young carers within Coventry and Warwickshire easier during this difficult period as no child should be left without the means to access schooling.”