Contechs is a market leader in the provision of design and engineering services for the automotive sector. Providing exceptional quality automotive services and solutions that meet the ever-changing needs of the industry.  From concept design to automotive launch support.


Contechs work closely with its customers during every process, from concept and design through to production engineering and on to vehicle product launch.


Contechs provides complete support throughout, ensuring solutions are found for any engineering issues, as well as ensuring that timescales, cost objectives, and project specifications are met.

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Contechs automotive launch support team ensures a successful automotive product launch, and provides complete project management throughout. The team advises on any improvements to the production line, assembly cells, ensuring correct component fit, working with suppliers, and ensuring readiness for volume production and the close down of AIM's.


Contechs is able to manage all of these elements and much more, and advise and act on any changes or modifications that need to be carried out before product launch. This safeguards against any problems or issues post-production.