Vehicle Engineering Manager



Lead the development of targets for vehicle attributes in conjunction with the VLD, Programme Manager, PMT Leaders and PAT's working from high level Marketing PALS wants down to system and component targets.
Lead the generation, population and management of the component tracker and review with CPE and associated PMT's to ensure robust achievement of Vehicle Engineering deliverables at technical checkpoints including and FEC.
Manage total vehicle quality (including liaising with NML/NMO relating to QLAM target achievement), weight and functional objectives, report status throughout programme and deliver solutions to meet requirements.
Architecture & Design
Lead the development of vehicle architecture types whether it be whole platform or system archetypes to ensure attribute targets are delivered.
Arbitrate in vehicle package discussions through the design and virtual series aspects of the programme.
Lead resolution and achievement of A-surface compatibility with Studio teams to ensure overall design theme is compatible with vehicle attributes. Including leading CP checkpoint events around surface releasing.
Work in parallel with the Virtual Verification Manager through the V0 through V4 design phase maturation process to confirm complete and compatible assumptions. Lead PMT's into defining compatible design solutions that meet program targets.
Run DJ events and sign releases to ensure all parts are fit for function and meet targets.
Attribute delivery:
Lead attribute balancing and new technology benchmarking as part of product definition.
Lead Vehicle Engineering support functions (attribute leaders/block leaders) into delivering attribute solutions to meet targets.
Ensure attribute concerns are closed within the timeframes dictated at each build phase of the programme and the closure plans and solutions meet VEM defined targets.
Arrange and lead regular VET drive assessments with VPs, Directors, VLDs and key stakeholders in line with gateway requirements and demonstration points for attribute progression/milestones. Define to the PMT's what attributes should be presented at each Design Verification Planning:
Ensure the programme VPP meets with DVP requirements.
Lead the design of prototype builds including specifications and bridging parts and take part in regular design reviews to ensure prototypes are fit for purpose.
Programme support


Mechanical, production or automotive Engineering Degree or equivalent
Experience in component design, development, testing and S/O
Competent with FMA tools, techniques and principals
Experience in vehicle test and development activities
Capable of using Microsoft Office tools