EMC / RFI Engineer



component, system & vehicle level corporate EMC requirements are designed & certified to achieve EMC legislation and a high quality customer experience.
Create and Maintain design best practice requirements & cascade them to component engineers.
Create and maintain component, system & vehicle level corporate EMC Standards and cascade requirements.
Lead Design reviews with engineers & suppliers to ensure best practice is applied using expert experience as well as formal requirements.
Advise/review component packaging /location doesn�t cause any possible near field interference with on-board active antennas, which could affect performance or quality with radio reception. Progress through concept and prototype phase.
Ensure robustness of RF technologies for attacks and threats. By specification and testing methodology. Working closely with Cyber Security team.
Provide EMC design expertise to Tier one & Tier two suppliers to ensure they meet AML EMC/Electrical component test requirements.
Component test
Create component test procedures & standards to the latest international standards (Magfield test directive 2013, ISO-11452-9 portable transmitters, ISO-16750-1, ISO-16750-2) to ensure components pass relevant legal and corporate level requirements to ISO and CISPR test standards.
Manage and approve detailed Component level EMC test plans and delivery with component/system owners, prior to commencing any testing to ensure components are tested in their worse possible case of operation.
Validate improvements at component level prior to performing any vehicle level testing.
Ensure component tests are completed early enough to resolve issues before certification tests.
Review test results & approve results to ensure components meet legal & corporate standards. Includes gap analysis of test results from supplier carryover parts
Resolve issues that arise in component testing and assist with management and mitigation of the product to resolve problems.
Testing robustness of RF technologies for attacks and threats.
Manage and improve internal EMC/RFI engineering test equipment requirements/capability.
Vehicle design & standards
Create whole vehicle test specification to cover the following test specifics - Radiated Immunity off-board and on-board susceptibility ISO standards, Radiated off-board emissions Annex�s, on-board Emission CISPR
Producestandard vehicle radiated Immunity event level classification matrix depending on class of component importance, critical (safety), Non-Critical, Convenience.
Create wiring specification for CAN, LIN, & Flex-ray standards.
Develop and produce Test procedures for road testing process, SDARS sign-off testing
Benchmark and reverse engineering of competitors vehicles for EMC performance to improve understanding of best practice.
Vehicle EMC certification & customer acceptance testing
Select external test facilities - Develop facilities requirements, utilization, capabilities and impact to business. Recommending facility hire, internal test requirements or outsource.
Manage testing to ensure certification & customer acceptance approval is achieved on time - create Vehicle Test plan detailing specific vehicle test modes of operation to ensure vehicle operates as expected without any degradation to vehicle performance. Includes full budget control.
Attend and support EMC whole vehicle signoff testing with VCA authority, testing to Reg10.05, and 56/2 Taiwanese approval & Reg116 authorities, present to witness testing.


Engineering Degree or Equivalent Qualification. (EMC, Telecommunication, Antenna, RF electronics)
Extensive Experience and development of EMC requirements.
Excellent knowledge of Relevant EMC Homologation Regulations/technical directives and approvals.
Proven management of EMC test plans.
Extensive knowledge of Automotive EMC design Principles
Developed/managed EMC testing and facilities.
Extensive knowledge and experience in problem resolution and solving techniques.
Knowledge of vehicle design & development process
Presenting system design & issue resolution to technical meetings.
Extensive professional engineering experience in Automotive Electronics related design or test work.