The nature of the work undertaken by Contechs requires a sophisticated, secure and robust IT, CAD and communications infrastructure.


It operates a range of leading CAD and design software, focusing principally on CATIA and NX.

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Global Cyber Security Partner

Contechs operates a robust, secure and flexible IT and communications infrastructure that includes systems at client locations as well as at its own sites.


Sensitive client information is held securely on the company’s own servers and storage devices. All data is backed up daily and is mirrored across the company’s two principal sites as part of its robust disaster management safeguards.

Contechs’ offices have fixed data links that run at a high bandwidth. By client agreement and with strict adherence to client IT and data transfer protocols, it has access to data behind client firewalls enabling prompt and secure access, downloading and filing.


Contechs deploys high quality software tools, principally using CATIA, NX, ICEM and Alias. It constantly monitors the software landscape to keep abreast of developments and innovations that might strengthen its CAD resources.


It has undertaken trials of next-generation CATIA systems with Dassault and leading OEM's.

Its systems are PC based with software packages running on PCs and laptops and operating at its own premises or at client locations. Contechs ensures full flexibility in the deployment of both its hardware and software.



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