Image by Pietro De Grandi



The understanding of emotional design as well as the development expertise of adaptive systems in the vehicle exterior allow Contechs to implement an OEM-brand DNA.

The external appearance of the vehicle must be in line with the signature values of the brand. The same also applies to the development of the add-on parts. Whether it's aerodynamic parts, panels, windows, glass roof systems or complete modules. 

  • Concept Design & Systems Engineering for Bumpers (Front & Rear), Plastic Moulded Parts, Sills, Mirror Surrounds, Spoilers and Bonnet Vents

  • Attribute development – Aerodynamic and aeroacoustics

  • Pedestrian impact protection, insurance class optimisation

  • Integration and optimisation of autonomous driving (ADAS) sensors and transducers

  • Weight reduction and optimisation

  • DVP and homologation management

  • Prototype & Production Support