CAD Design Leader - Exteriors









Slovakia / Poland

Andreea Ion

01268 582900

Position Title: CAD Design Leader - Exteriors

Duration: Contract

Location: Slovakia

Work instructions, procedures and information
- IMS (O4), OPTIMAP, TDM, KEOPS, Design review files form, Stack up files form

Organizational interfaces
- Direct Manager
- Functional Manager
- Organizational interfaces / Communication & Cooperation
- Design Leader Group Manager / Customer Engineering Manager Engineering Project Manager
- EPM; Tool & Injection Engineer ; CAE Engineer ; CAD Engineer ; CAD methodology support ; IT support ; customer (style, architecture); suppliers (mould, black parts, chromed parts); geometry engineer ; prototype department

Competences requirements
- Knowledge / Qualification
- Previous Experience (If relevant)
- Key technical competencies
- Key behavioural competencies (on top of PO Group competencies)
- Bachelor Degree or equivalent professional experiences
- Good knowledge of plastic rules (Shrinkage analysis, Demoulding-), CAD Engineer, Mould engineer, Plastic Parts design
- Basic mechanicals rules, able to define isostatism system and to build stack up folder, able to build and check product under CAD software system ; able to lead cad 3D and 2D activities ;
- Good command of English.

- Ensures product design and architecture to meet the customer quality requirements (including weight, recycling, specifications), PO manufacturing requirements (design for manufacturing) as well as all costs and timing expectations
- Manages functionally the CAD resources to fulfil the design
- Ensures PO Design Standard are implemented (PODS & Technical Solutions)
- CTQ (Critical to Quality) convergence
- Isostatism file + stack up analysis folder
- Style surfaces analysis
- Design review actions plan
- Product/Part 3D + 2D data

- Works according to HSE requirements
- Gets from customer all technical elements necessary for the design (gap and flushness requirements, surrounding parts, interfaces-)
- Looks for solutions and suggests technical proposals to EPM for project decision, respecting existing documents in PO network (design standards/PODS, lessons learnt, benchmark reports-)
- Realizes and pilots the design of parts and products: analyses the feasibility (styling surface, parting
- lines, aspect, injection, demoulding, painting, assembly, packaging, perceived quality, recycling -) with regards to functional specifications from customer
- Manages the daily technical flow of information with CAD office and the Tier 2 suppliers according to the PO standard
- Checks and validates the quality of the CAD files received from customer, suppliers and design offices
- Ensures the regular update of the 3D data, 2D drawing and parts- attributes within the PO CAD file database (TDM).
- Checks and suggests the reference systems of the parts, semi-finished products and products and updates it during the project
- Builds the geometry file with stack-ups and tolerances, ensures the validation by the Geometry Engineer. Updates this folder during the project life
- Liaises with the toolmaker together with the Injection & Tooling Engineer to optimize the design of parts (according to tool feasibility).
- Before the tool kick-off, defines and formalizes with EPM and the Injection & Tool Engineer the tuning zone areas to be taken into account for the tools realization
- Follows the realization of 2D/3D drawings of the internal parts and assembly regarding to the project requirements. Validates technically these drawings before submission to the project for validation before provided to customer
- For POE parts designed by the Tier 2 suppliers:
- Provides to the supplier all 3D data needed, gap & flushness requirements and functional specifications
- Analyses the planning of the design of the supplier and checks that it is compatible with his own activities
- Participates to the validation of the datum scheme, the tolerance stack-ups and measuring points
- Checks and validates the 3D design and give feed-back to the supplier and to the EPM
- Validates the 2D/3D drawings of the supplier
- For POE parts designed by POAE:
- Provides the 3D data, functional specifications and gap & flushness to the supplier to validate process feasibility
- Updates the 3D data if needed
- Provides the 2D/3D drawings to the supplier
- Proposes and leads the Design Reviews on his project
- Executes the actions decided during the design reviews and updates regularly the action plan
- Takes into account the perimeter changes after written validation from the EPM
- Manages the CAD file exchanges with the customer respecting internal standards and customer specifications
- Participates to the study and means validation of the checking fixture
- Could use checking fixture for product fine tuning

During the tuning phase:
- Validates the 2D/3D drawings of the supplier
- Can participate to tool trials
- Can manage the manufacturing of samples for the customer and the process validation
- Can participate to the cubing events at the customer
- Analyses and suggests modifications on the parts and products to meet the requirements (by taking also into account the feedback from other team members)
- Updates or pilot the updates of the CAD data according to modifications validated by the project
- Reports to the EPM the status of the Design Reviews and related actions, the CAD data timing plan and action plan
- Capitalizes and formalizes the lessons learned of the design during all the project life


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