Contechs provides a complete concept vehicle design service, with the highest levels of expertise in concept design for exterior and interior themes. Its designers are fully skilled in appropriate software systems (including Maya, VRED, Alias, ICEM and Studio Engineers).


The range of scalable design consultancy services includes the development of comprehensive design briefs; product benchmarking studies that integrate customer requirements across design, product and manufacturing; theme selection materials; and the preparation of colours and trims. Contechs can present 3D form reviews in its virtual reality to refine concepts for design appraisals and approvals.

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Contechs works 'hand-in-glove' with vehicle design studios to transfer the designers’ ideas for interior and exterior styling into a digital computer environment and physical properties of the vehicle surfaces, ensuring they are perfectly smooth and interface correctly.


Securing the correct surfaces with the digital CAD environment is fundamental to defining the vehicle package within which all its constituent elements reside.

Contechs specialised expertise in deploying appropriate contemporary software systems ensures any technical surfacing issues are identified and fully addressed at the digital stage of a programme and hence before any physical prototyping takes place.

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Contechs provides a comprehensive studio support service to make sure its clients’ design intentions are fully captured.

The design process delivers feasible models, that are legally compliant. This feasible design can then be frozen in the form of a CAD reference model. Contechs operates as an integrated service provider liaising directly with the client’s studio, providing expert input into key areas such as packaging and feasibility for release / manufacture.

Contechs provide expert staff to carry through the design from initial concepts renderings, to the creation of a physical clay model that can be scanned for computer design analysis.

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Contechs engineers will make sure the CAD model is accurate and up-to-date, so that the accuracy of the vehicle package is not compromised. This process will establish the primary architecture of all vehicle systems and ensure they are in harmony with each other within the complete vehicle package. This further ensures suppliers have the precise data required with which to determine correct component volume and size

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Contechs designs and fabricates CAD fixtures to compliment its design service and provide physical verification data during the design process. 

Contechs provide fixtures for:

  • Dashboard/IP

  • Bodyside Panels & major subs

  • Closure Panels

  • Glasshouse

  • Skateboard modules 




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