Contechs has been providing a range of innovative and industry-leading specialist services to some of the biggest, and most well-known names in the automotive industry since 1997.


Providing a comprehensive service that meets the automotive industry’s every evolving demands of 4.0.

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Using multi-platform software for CAD, our design teams are able to provide a range of design services including component modelling and advanced assembly modelling, which ensures that all elements of a vehicle assembly fit and work together with clash detection as the collaborative project evolves.


With its specialist knowledge in this innovative sector, it is able to develop components and sub-assemblies which enable customers to keep ahead of an ever-changing and demanding market. Providing automotive product design and engineering in various automotive disciplines, such as body and structural engineering, interior and exterior trim, electrical systems, skateboard platforms, chassis and powertrain installation.


Working within Contechs and client studios, its automotive product design team has the expertise to integrate fully into its customers’ own development programmes to ensure full compatibility, so that everyone involved in the project working live on a digital platform with live updates dates. Contechs manage product design and engineering projects, to tightly controlled time and budget constraints.

All work is carried out to a strict quality control management system accredited within ISO 9001, satisfying the need of the automotive industry in delivering exceptional quality.  Click here to see Contechs accreditations