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Bianca Harris

01268 582926

Position Title: Test Object Uptime Support Engineer

Duration: Contract

Location: Sweden

Main Responsibilities/Tasks:
- Test Objects & Facilitations department within Test Object & Verification is responsible for the test objects continuous lifecycle during the development process. Test objects are defined as test cars as well as electrical rigs (boxcars).
- Typical task of the Test Objects & Facilitation team is to take on the issues raised by the users of the test objects. The test objects are located at different locations depending on test type; S�ve Test Site, Uni3 and other proving grounds in Sweden, southern Europe and the UK.
- The role of Test Object Uptime Support Engineer is a part of Test Object & Facilitation department with the responsibility to secure test object uptime by performing updates, maintenance, fault tracing, repair work and development work on all test objects (vehicles and rigs).

The tasks include:
- Update Software/Hardware as defined in rebuild program.
- Mechanical fault tracing.
- Electrical fault tracing.
- Maintenance and repair work.
- Test object life cycle support from delivery service to end-of-life.
- Test and measurement equipment preparation.
- Support the product development work by;
- Updating test objects according to project requests.
- Support at suppliers.
- Participating in expeditions.
- Report found faults/issues on test objects to affected design departments.
- Secure timely deliveries with right quality.
- Secure a good working environment with regards to;
- Maintaining a good order in the workshop (5S etc.).
- Performing daily supervision of tools and equipment.
- Reporting found faults/issues on tools and facility.
- The work principle within the team is flexibility and the possibility to use what you excel at together with a strong sense of co-operation; this meaning that you as part of a larger team will also support activities in other areas as well as you will get support on your area.


Technical Skills:
- Excellent complete vehicle knowledge.
- Experience from hands-on work with complete vehicles.
- Experience from work with electrical systems.
- Experienced in electrical fault tracing using computer and relevant programs (VIDA/Lynk DS/DSA or similar).
- Experience from working with measurement and analysing tools such as CANoe, CANalyzer and INCA is a merit.
- Experience from complete vehicle product development and/or testing within automotive industry is a merit.
- Experience from work within electromobility is a merit.
- Experience from work with electrical test rigs (boxcars, HIL, etc.) is a merit.

- Excellent computer knowledge.
- Driving license category B, driving license category BE is a merit.
- Certificate for HV-work (power-up/-down) is a merit.
- Certificate for hot work is a merit.
- Intermediate level in English, both oral and written.

- Domestic as well as international travels may be required to support off-site testing activities if possible due to the current situation with the covid-19 pandemic.

Personal attributes:
- Team player with a strive for cooperation.
- Driven and motivated to take a front position in problem-solving situations but with the sense to balance and secure the right attention from a team perspective.
- Structured and self-confident in communicating in both Swedish and English.


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